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Friday, August 12, 2005, 4:56 PM

Read this blog on Yahoo,MSN and more..

If you enjoy reading this corner of the blogsphere i.e. my blog, there are now several other options by which you can read my blog without actually coming on to this page.

I have new feeds listed on the right sidebar of my blog, which enables you to directly add my blog's content to your MyYahoo page or MyMSN along with other usual contents like horoscope, weather, and more.

If you dont like to read blog on MyYahoo or MSN, you can choose some of the other feed readers
like bloglines , feedreader , feedburner and more, which allows variety of feed management features, drastically increasing daily dosee of information capsule.

Feed is one of the superb building block of web 2.0 which enable you to track the changes on internet you care about and to take action based on them. I am currently using bloglines as my feed aggregator which allows me to quickly peek into some 55 websites/blog daily.

To those who are new to feed can read basics about it here.


Blogger internetfuzzi said...

Hi Ruchit,

me usig the same blogger-layout as you do, and I am not really much into html. I am trying to improve, for sure, by asking people questions like this now :

how to get me a right column sidebar on this layout, like your blog is showing ?

I would like to have it to show nearly the same content than you do: the site feeds and the blogroll.

Ive already broken the template layout, which currently shows just bold text on the entrys, but I got help on this one yet, and will try to follow them instructions carefully now to have it back to normal.

It would be great to hear from you on the sidebar thingie ;D

Greetings from germany,


4:01 PM  

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