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Thursday, August 25, 2005, 10:53 AM

No Pulse in BlogPulse

Mark and others have been happily using Blogpulse as it supposedly gives an idea about the traffic coming to the respective blogs.

Good rave commets we heard about it, but unfortunately I am having bad experiences or better I say got no chance to experience it at all.

I have registered this blog about a month or more and its unable to update 'posts' sections for it, probably there systems are already out of their breath or have some bugs to be fixed on their part.

Whatever be the issue, I have not heard a single line from them despite writing them via their own 'feedback' form..

Update: Jason Dowdell from Marketing Shift took my concerns to the CTO Intelliseek and he reverted back with positive comments and explaned why it takes so long to get enlisted. Yeah my blog is listed on blogPulse now


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