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Friday, July 15, 2005, 9:38 AM

Selling Revolutionary Product

Just read Tom's yet another great post on selling innovation.

He tells the fact with his own experiences with ITXC that, if you have a revolutionary product and if your sales pitch sounds like ' will completely change the way...." or "...revolutionize the style..." your potential customer is bound to get scared of 'Revolution'.

All of us tend to resist the change until we find a new perspective and objectives to achieve whatever we are involved. So if you want to sell your product, just tell the customer that how your product is going to benefit his business.

Secondly, while you introduce new products to the customer, help them to realise the full potential of your product by participating in/with their team responsible for using your product. Sell them a product which helps them do their business better and help them use your product effectively.


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