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Friday, July 08, 2005, 12:16 PM

In search of 500 rupee seat

12:00 midnight, I was gazing laptop screen with my half slept eyes. I wanted to make sure this time that I get a low cost air-ticket to New-Delhi in AirDeccan, first of its kind (no frills) operating in India. As usual there was no new updates/announcements on the airdeccan website and no clue as well. Their online seat booking menu was showing all dates till 2006, though reservations were only available upto Aug 2005. Tired and bedeviled, I left for the bed, as was for past few days, In search of 500/- seat. This midnight exercise usually followed by early morning brisk browsing for same.

6:30 Am, half heartedly doing my morning rituals, I was surpurised to find that I cannot open the booking website for this airline. 5, 10, 15, it took some 15-20 minutes to schedule a booking. Adding up to my frustation, I couldnot find any reservations near to my planned vacation and non near this magical 500 figure. Thought I might have chosen wrong dates to travel, probably overcrowded for festive reasons, I tried some different dates for my round trip journey. But of no use...

Wondering, if common people are getting some of those 1/- , 500/- tickets out of this much advertised scheme. Formal announcement of opening new bookings happens around 7:00 AM (thats the time we usually see morning edition newspaper sliding inside our doors). Too late... none of the 6000+ seats of 500/- rupee value was seamingly available.

Looks like there is big role which is being played by booking agents, who are booking seats in bulk for their customer or their are some insiders ....

Whatsoever be the reason, I am still in search of 500 rupee seat.

update: announces "Air Deccan releases 3,300 tickets at Re 1" at July 08, 2005 O4:23 PM, after more than 14 hours of the actual release of seats. There are no 1/- ticket left by this time :))


Blogger psk said...

Dhoondte Reh jaoge bhaiyye!!!

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even today 5th Aug ticket Mumbai - Goa on 30 Oct is available in AirDeccan

8:40 AM  

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