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Friday, July 08, 2005, 4:38 PM

Contactless recharging of mobile phone

Remember!! A buzz about the ability to recharge the battery of mobile phones via sending some SMS on Reliance CDMA network?? This news was on high around for few days last year.

We tried to figure out how that would have been possible..via SMS. One of the ideas was probably by sending a binary SMS, the threshold value for the battery is reduced to some extent enabling the user to use their mobile phones for some more time. Anyways, that news was junk as we never saw any official claim from Reliance nor any demo.

But contactless charging is now feasible. NTT DoCoMo and Panasonic have experimented a contactless recharging system that allows to recharge a FOMA phone by simply placing it o­n a recharging pad.

The system uses electromagnetic induction to send recharging electricity to the battery. Contactless electricity delivery is made through a pad that has a coil for transmission, and a reception coil inside the handset.

DoCoMo have absolutely not idea when the system will become commercialized. [via]


Blogger psk said...

hi ruchit,

this is not a new stuff dear. i ahve actually seen contact less charging implemented in cordless telephones way back in 2002~2003 in specific models from panasonic...

6:15 PM  

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