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Wednesday, June 22, 2005, 12:43 PM

Visualise your Radio

'Visual Radio' – The service allows listeners to tune in to FM radio and at the same time, view interactive information and graphics on their Nokia mobile handset. For example, one would be able to see the title and artist of a song playing on the radio, and participate in radio station promotions and various quiz programs interactively. Promoted by mobile major Nokia, a lot of FM broadcasters vying the increasing subscriber base in India – the concept is currently being evaluated by many with pilots in the offing.

“This would be a good way to merge synergies between a FM broadcaster and a telecom service provider. As both of them are looking at ways to increase profitability – technology driven concepts like this would make a lot of sense in developing markets like India,” Isokoski added.

Wondering, if we could have named it Interactive Radio analogous to Interactive TV.


Anonymous gautham said...

This is what we expect from the mobile technology. A device which accompanies the customer everywhere, what else would be an ideal place to advertise, to sell your product.

One among them is the FM with a visual touch, where the telecom companies creating another VAS :)

3:54 PM  

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