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Friday, June 17, 2005, 6:49 PM


We all liked and embraced Skype, Internet telephony that just works.

Video calls are coming to Skype, thanks to vSkype, a plug-in developed by Santa Cruz Networks. The company has just released a public beta, which for now works only on windows machines.

vSkype Beta allows users to securely conduct video calls in groups from 2 to 200 and share applications, spreadsheets, presentations, or photos with others on a call. In future releases users will be able to download and play Santa Cruz Network’s games with other Skype users and access our library of camera personalities, wallpaper, and drawing tools. Professional users will be provided with various call controls, white boarding, meeting moderation, bandwidth control, and recording and archiving tools through their network of partners.


Blogger psk said...

hmm...seems to be a good feature...have just dloaded the app..yest to try it out.....

7:28 PM  

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