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Friday, June 10, 2005, 11:09 AM

Poker Billionaires

Last month I came across 2-3 RFPs incidently both from guys connected to UK and both wanted to developed online pocker stuff. I was just thinking why is that UK guys is suddenly falling in love with online pocker...and the news broke.

Party Gaming , an online poker/gambling company based in Gibraltar is all set to go public in London with a valuation estimated at around $10 billion. Interestingly two of the three key minds behind the setup are Indian. Anurag Dikshit (now Billionaire at 33) helped hack together the back-end for the site along with his college pal Vikrant Bhargava.

Company with 1100 employees (with 925 in India) with a call-center at hyderabad. Amazing !!


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