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Friday, June 17, 2005, 9:46 AM

More on GreaseMonkey/Firefox

After I posted "Enhance your internet experience with firefox" yesterday I got all sort of offline message pointing me towards different web browsers. Sunil was using Opera & Abhishek is more fond of Avant.

One of the cool features I like in Firefox is GreaseMonkey which allows me to add in new features seamlessly to the websites you use more and more....

Today I found a new script which allows you to add 'Delete' button to your very gmail page, which adverdently Google team avoided as they were giving away 2GB for mailbox and felt it would be time wasting effort to put a 'delete' button along with other buttons.

Now I will not have find for the 'move to trash' link in the drop down menu, atleast for deleting junk mails which are on all time high.


Blogger internetfuzzi said...

I just wanted to install Greasemonkey from, but firefox told me it has enabled this site from installing software on my computer.

Now I´d like to know : is it sure to do so anyways ?

3:43 PM  

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