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Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 1:02 PM

Google going bullish

Ram Shriram, an Indian by origin was the first to invest in the Google , helping Google duo setting up out of their college dormitory and then to raising more capital and...

Since then, Google is touching the moon, Google shares touches $300 for the first time and are now up 260% since IPO.

Wondering how much would have VC firms and individual LPs have made money, check Burnham's post to find out how
Kleiner and Sequoia Turned their $12.5M into $4.3BN


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before we castrasize Google on its seemingly phenomenal growth, let us stop and imagine what the Web would be to most of us if not for Google. Hitherto, what had been an arcane jungle of gophers and archies has now a Google feel to it. To millions of Netizens, Google is synonymous with the Web.
An Idea That Was Google... You can complete the rest!
The need of the hour is a similar kind of an idea that an individual can identify with, which manifests itself into another Google!! Let us not stop at Google but venture out to the unheralded virgin vistas ahead!

4:49 PM  

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