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Thursday, May 12, 2005, 11:24 AM

Making Wrong Code Look Wrong

I have been reading posts by Joel on software for years and here comes a yet another tip for budding programmers.

He eloquently describes how "Making Wrong Code Look Wrong" by giving a analogy with a bakery supported by simple yet explanatory web-based programing example.

He says "This business of making wrong code look wrong depends on getting the right things close together in one place on the screen. When I’m looking at a string, in order to get the code right, I need to know, everywhere I see that string, whether it’s safe or unsafe. I don’t want that information to be in another file or on another page that I would have to scroll to. I have to be able to see it right there and that means a variable naming convention."

I am sure, this is not just useful for new programmers, but also an eye opener for some non-technical managers who tries to boss around. Tom has a wonderful post tackling non-technical boss genre.


Blogger madhu_hebbar said...

I always loved joel's articles. This one was great. In fact more than the wrong code stuff, I liked the way he defends the hungarian notation. I really dint know much about the misinterpretation that had crept in. And I used to believe what the others said when they link "hungarian notation" to C++, saying that the notation is Bad :-(

10:33 AM  

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