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Wednesday, May 11, 2005, 3:08 PM

Blowing up Internet business model

Ever felt the need of a crosswebsite information while looking for a book or a particular topic of interest. How about if we can fetch & display related information from parallel portals while making some purchase decision.....

GreaseMonkey, a latest extension for firefox web browsers allows us to do so. It allows you to select, mix and present contents from various websites, to be displayed as and when required.

Its a fabulous toolfor end user for new web experience, providing enormous amount ofdata mining and intelligently meshing for new product ideas, but its going to be a challenge for the e-commerce websites to tackle the direct comparisions on thier websites itself.

I am wondering why mozilla developers named it 'Greasemonkey'...probably it makes the vertical search deep across the web as smooth as grease for monkey ( after all we all inherit from them ;-) )

This is how one can use greasemonkey..

You just need to have
1. Firefox 1.0.3
2. Greasemonkey Extension

Now you are all set to go.. you can write your own customised scripts or otherwise use some of the predefined scripts i have tried:

1. Greasemonkey can add persistent searches to Gmail with such transparency that you forget Google doesn’t provide this feature.

2. Greasemonkey can insert prices from competitive booksellers right into Amazon.

3. Greasemonkey can reduce the friction to using vertical search sites by automatically running vertical searches based on the context of your current web page.

How about if we can have ratings for different movies and price & availability for local theatres...or a cross blog script which displays a latest post on a hot topic like this..


Anonymous gautham said...

Real killer application dude..

The fact that this can be used for various purposes like learning about a breaking news, discount sales..etc. Browsers like mozilla prevented creating a seperate window for viewing different webpages. Now it is the turn of greasemonkey, where u can open different webpages in a single page and switch pages whenever u want

Ruchit and myself have only listed a few applications. I wish all the readers suggest any uses that strikes their mind which we shall all use for better browsing :)

7:11 PM  

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