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Tuesday, April 05, 2005, 7:41 PM

Users dont know what they want

If you are into a company which makes products, and you feel that the best approach to build a product is to ask the end-user what do they want, probably you are WRONG.

Few of the great products which have been built around till date in software domain are created on & around "fabulous ideas" and not on the feedback from the end-users. Reason being, end-user is not an expert on it and does not understand what that technology can do for them( otherwise the end-user would have invented something and you would have been the end user)

Marc Andreesen’s invention of the modern Internet browser is one example.

Tim Berner-Lee’s invention of the WorldWideWeb without which there would have been nothing to browse is another example.

Offcourse user's feedback is necessary once the product is out of lab, but as truely said by Tom, users dont know what they want.

Tom, thanks for sharing this wonderful peice of information. I am literally too young to remember about VisiCalc, the first ever computer based spreadsheets.


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