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Tuesday, April 05, 2005, 10:24 AM

R World: Ringing the cash register for Reliance

Reliance Infocomm (a Reliance group company)has made their R-world services( CDMA based internet browsing facility) pay-by-use on this April 1st, but it has already crossed the figure of 1 crores rupees in just 2 days!!

Few of the reasons which I percieve for this huge quick money generation is their announcement strategy.
  • Reliance announced it on April 1st, which is a International fool's day and probably people did not took it seriously.
  • There was enough rumours for about a year in the market that R-world can be made pay-by-use but there was not enough advertisements stating the official start of pay-by-tarriff model of R-World.
  • Their announcement of the pay-per-use tarriff with ODI going on between Indian & Pakistan. India has big cricket fans.

Though Reliance infocomm has done good job providing various Value Added Services, there are many issues which still makes the enduser many a times miserable using Reliance phones. Hope we have better, faster & stable services with proper customer support (Their customer service agents really sucks).


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Mukesh said "Mere baap ka sapna, sabka paisa apna"

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