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Tuesday, April 19, 2005, 10:04 AM

Japanese meet@ Bangalore

Coffee day, Brigade Rd.
Bangalore, India

My short stint at Tokyo back in 2003 gave me a glimpse of what Japanese culture is. And that led to my interest to learn more of Japanese language and japanese culture.

I felt elated when I found a japanese speaking group in Bangalore who shares the same enthusiasm. It was really fun to be amongst them and we had fun at coffee and over korean delicacy.

This group is soon to have a website and an e-group to form a common interaction platform. Will post as soon as its up.

We are meeting again at International Marathon on 15th May. Looking forward to have lots of fun filled learnings :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping your interests toward Japanese culture. These days I have a mixture feeling of sadness and anger against the anti-Japanese movements in China and Korea. I think we can understand each other more if we could communicate directly, as well as I communicate with you. India is much far from Japan, but you and your friends are interested in Japanese. It is really good to know such an actibity exists in Bangalore.

your Japanese friend

7:52 PM  

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