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Sunday, March 06, 2005, 12:17 PM

Xtreme programming #1

Happen to attend Agile India 2005@ Bangalore, India organised by Agile Software Community of India (ASCI).

Speakers include Bret Petichord, Fred George, Owen Rogers, and many more...

This was first ever introduction to Agile and eXtreme programming to me. Hopefully market will embrace such methodology which values more to business than to the process, as said bye somebody times before "documentations are just by-products of the process".

I guess most of the startup companies are partially following Agile Methodologies knowingly and unknowlingly as they dont get luxury of splendid resources and they just try not to allow documentation MUDA in the process doing only necessary scribbing.

I could not understood many parts of the whole conference, but I am really looking forward to take this ahead. Thanks to wonderful presentation "Agile from the Front Lines" by Fred George who delievered it with lot of humourous notes in between...


Anonymous Owen Rogers said...

Glad that you enjoyed the conference. Hopefully we will be having a number of smaller events coming up over the next few months with the possibility of another conference later this year. Hope to see you there.

9:48 PM  

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