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Monday, March 28, 2005, 6:32 PM

Want to analyse psychology: Observe ringtones

I know that someway or the other, the cell phone you are carrying conveys the individual's status in the society, which inturns depends on their spending capacity.

For example Nokia's series system. Nokia has considerably differentiated his mobile product line up. Larger the series number costlier is the device ( offcourse with richer feature set)
Nokia Series 90
Nokia Series 80
Nokia Series 60
Nokia Series 40
Nokia Series 30

But never knew that they can be used to reveals a lot about "Personality and flaws".

A survey by British company Tesco Mobile has revealed that, people who constantly change their tone to whatever is currently in the charts are unreliable characters.

Those who opt for classical music are regarded as pretentious, while ageing rockers can be easily identified by their polyphonic versions of classic tracks such as The Who's My Generation and Boston's More Than A Feeling.

If a phone boasts its owner's voice, or their partner or child, it means they are self-obsessed.

Men with rude or animal sounds as their ringtone are immature.

The survey also found 21 per cent of folk think having a standard phone ringtone is "uncool", indicates a lack of daring and fear of technology.

A quarter of phone users admit the first thing they do after buying a new phone is select a ringtone.

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