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Thursday, March 24, 2005, 9:58 AM

Ringtones to full songs

My phone is ringing in a different mood today, I have just downloaded a cool polyphonic ringtones from Indiatimes 8888 services.

Ringtones has done it really well for value chain and continuing to do so. It is expected to reach US$ 4 billion by 2008

Now its time for full length music streaming/download to your cell phone, making it mobile-jukebox. Thanks to high speed networks and powerful phones.

Despite having many online streaming services like Rhapsody, LaunchCast & more. I still feel there is a huge gap to be filled in with media streaming on cellphones. Offcourse there are some intial friction over the lions' share between operator & labels. I think its more of a issue finding a better business model than anything else.

For those who are looking for the proof-of-concept, here is a news from wireless-watch-japan. KDDI's 'EZ Chaku Uta' music download services in japan has 3 million hits in just 4 months... wow


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