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Saturday, March 12, 2005, 1:21 PM

Pornography drives Technology

Populations obviously wouldn’t grow without sex; many technologies wouldn’t either.

Internet, video cameras, camera phone, CTI Cards, Polariods, VCR, DVDs.... latest to join is iPod.

A corollary is that sex sells particularly well to almost the same demographic as new technology: young men. Very early adopters typically care more about the technology they are buying than the content available for it. That’s a good thing because there never is sufficient content until there is a market of people with the right players to look at and/or listen to it. The high margin and guaranteed demand for porn encourages its production early in the technology adoption cycle. Just when the market of early adopters is depleted, sexual content vastly expands the market for the device.

A wonderful insight on Unscientific Economics by Tom Evslin.


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