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Thursday, March 17, 2005, 12:05 PM

Localisation Efforts

I was trying to convert some cryptic looking ISCII files to Unicode characters this morning and I found a wonderful website ( bhashaIndia) by Microsoft focussed on its localisation efforts for Indian subcontinents. It hosts some wonderful tools/plugins which are free to download and are real value add for non-english Indian users. Webdunia, a non-bangalorean company, has done most part of it ( probably all).

Its not that WebDunia is only company in the India focussed on localization, there are few more out there, who had great software ideas & sharp minds.... but conking out slowly reason being, it takes much more than just having debt free money which they heir.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also came across through an example of localization.

"Utkarsh" is an OS in Gujrati language.

More details can be found at

5:36 PM  

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