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Tuesday, March 01, 2005, 10:02 AM

Its a hoax

We all become victims of hoax of varied level, but think about it, if it can be taken by two BIG CEOs..

I got a mail early this morning, which was about an old photograph from Popular Mechanics(1954) of what scientists believed a "home computer" would look like in fifty years (2004) ...

Scott McNealy( CEO, SunMicrosystems) and Mitch Kapor(Lotus founder) are amongst the other who got trapped in this hoax. Infact duo talked much about it in their official speech ( & blogs) later to find out the fizz...

In search of more info about this weired looking setup, I landed into an official web-page of Popular Mechanics to find the story here is a complete story

update: link to the above image is modified


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