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Sunday, February 27, 2005, 1:00 PM

Skype Going Wireless

Skype has reached an agreement with Motorola that aims to embed Skype software onto a number of Motorola WiFi-, 3G-, and even WiMax-enabled mobile phones in the near future. As a result, subscribers will be able to make free national calls and low-cost international calls by using the Internet to carry calls rather than standard mobile networks. In addition, both companies plan to co-market products embedded with Bluetooth or other wireless technologies before bringing the aforementioned handsets with preinstalled software to market....By Michael Sciannamea


Blogger GlobalCitizen said...

This is great news! think of all the mobile minutes we waste by calling your colleague who is somewhere in the building! now, you can extend that further...

Skype is getting very popular... what do you think of TeleSym?

2:21 PM  

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